Shared Housing For Seniors


A housing alternative for seniors looking to reduce housing costs, make new friends, and live in style!


Upscale, affordable housing in the best neighborhoods with like-minded roommates. A great alternative to the current active senior housing options.


Empowering seniors to live where and how they want.

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“What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”

How does shared housing work?

AgeSafe Shared Housing allows active seniors to share housing costs with other like-minded adults in a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood. It’s a great alternative to a crowded apartment or expensive assisted living. 

While each resident may have all the privacy they want in their own rooms – shared accommodations, activities, and meals are typical (and often fun) parts of shared housing which can sometimes require patience and good communication with and between one another. 

Pros & Cons


Pro: A fun, new approach to senior housing – saving money on rent while living in style. 

Pro: Enhancing your social life with like-minded roommates. 

Pro: Accessing exclusive care services to age in place well.

Pro: Opportunities to earn equity as a shared housing resident as well as additional compensation by providing services to other seniors in the community.



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Con: Shared housing is not for everyone. It requires the ability to get along well with others, and enjoy shared experiences (think your dorm college years). This requires patience and good communication to make it work. 

Pro/Con: Shared responsibilities. Residents participate in setting house rules, shopping, cleaning, meals planning/preparation, and the scheduling of housing areas for family events. 

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Shared Housing Options

I’m Interested in Becoming a Shared Housing Roommate

Becoming a shared housing roommate in a co-op can be a great way to live in a nice home, reduce costs, and have fun making new friends. Check it out to see if co-op shared housing is for you!


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I’d Like to Know About Sharing My House

Sharing your home can be a great way to reduce expenses and make new friends. We have several options to make this work, and all of them are free to you.


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I’m Interested in Family Shared Housing

Multigenerational family housing is a living arrangement as old as time. Families caring for their elders under the same roof provides benefits to all. Let us show you how to make this this model work for your family.


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