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The TVA in our name is an abbreviation of The Vital Age, the first nonprofit, member-owned, co-op for seniors. TVA exists to empower those aged 50+ to maximize life’s second half.

TVA Shared Housing empowers our members to live the way they want, where they want. Specifically, that means maximizing personal:

  1. Autonomy (the freedom to live the way one chooses);
  2. Vitality (physical, financial, spiritual, mental/emotional strength); and
  3. Contribution (the ability to give something back – to leave a lasting legacy).   

The freedom to live as one chooses often starts with where they live. Most seniors wish to “age-in-place” at home for as long as they can. Sometimes that’s just not possible due to the housing-related costs and maintenance of managing a house alone. 

AARP believes that there is a “missing middle” in senior housing. There is a need for something in between expensive housing (assisted living and independent housing) and other less-desirable senior housing options on the low end. 

That’s where shared senior housing comes in. It’s a perfect solution for those with a house to share, and for their like-minded peers who would enjoy sharing that home with them. Costs are shared, and companionship enjoyed!

Let’s talk about how shared senior housing might work for you.   

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