Shared Housing Details

Costs Sharing

  • The costs associated with maintaining the housing unit such as rent and utilities are typically shared by the residents. Each resident’s portion of the rent is usually proportional to the amount of private space the resident occupies (their unit) in relation to the other tenants.
  • The overall size of the resident’s unit is often dictated by the resident’s preferences, available income, and the cost of rent and utilities. While many tenants will want their own bedroom, they may, in some cases, voluntarily agree to share a bedroom. Each resident signs an agreement stipulating their unit, and describing the shared common spaces.

Resident Responsibilities

  • Shared housing residents typically participate in the governance and management of the home. This may include participation in a resident’s council, establishing and updating bylaws and house rules, and participating in certain aspects of home management, e.g. cleaning, shopping, meals planning/preparation, landscaping, gardening, or minor maintenance.
  • Other aspects of shared housing governance and management are covered in shared housing Governing Documents, including a resident occupancy agreement. Some aspects covered often include policies on rents, utilities, vehicles, guests, pets, extended absenteeism, conflicts resolution, and etc. 

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