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Owner Shared With TVA Support

TVA provides the following support services to you:

  • Help finding the very best roommate candidates with TVA’s matching software and roommate background checks.
  • All legal documents needed for a successful home sharing experience.
  • The provision of community health and wellbeing services to enable you to age in place longer and more safely than previously possible.
  • Any minor renovations to make your home conducive to home sharing.
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of home share operations by TVA.
  • TVA shares in a portion of the revenue provided from Roommate rental proceeds.

Owner Shared With TVA House Purchase


In addition to the benefits and services included in Option1, you may be in a position to sell your home to TVA, while still remaining the primary resident in the home.

The purchase will be at a high market rate with no additional costs to you at closing. 

DYI – With TVA Support


You may choose to set up and manage the home share experience on your own, or with your family’s involvement in a do-it-yourself way. TVA will provide consultative support to you throughout the home sharing process.